The benefits of prints and wedding albums


I love receiving packages in the mail- even when they are for my business! My 2018 sample albums arrived a few days ago and I am swoooooning over them.

01  fine art wedding photography albums .jpg
02  fine art wedding photography albums .jpg


Here’s the thing- we live in such a fast paced, digital world that nothing quite compares to that feeling of slowing down, cuddling up on the couch and reliving with your partner, or sharing with your family the beautiful story that was your wedding day, through print.

I’m such a strong advocate for the wedding albums I offer, as well as getting your images off the computer and printed. Technology is changing so quickly these days, who knows how long USBs and even digital downloads will be around for. 

04  fine art wedding photography albums .jpg
06  fine art wedding photography albums .jpg

For me, an image is finally ‘complete’ when it becomes a piece of art, in the form of a beautifully framed feature print, or part of the story that is your wedding day in the form of an album.

I can work with you to create lasting and custom printed and framed art pieces as well as design a bespoke wedding album that reflects your day. If you are considering getting your images out of the digital space and onto the wall or coffee table I’d love to help you. Feel free to contact me here.

Print your photos kids, this is all.

Dee xx 



What happens if it rains on my wedding day?

5 Tips for a rainy wedding


I’ll often have couples ask me what happens if it rains? My response is always the same- go with it and embrace it! The one thing you can’t control in the weather- there is so much amazingness going on throughout your day, and it will be perfect, just how it’s meant to be! I actually love photographing in the rain, the light is beautiful and soft for portraits and we can often create some epic and moody images. It’s always good to know what you will do though if it does rain, which brings me to my second point...

rainy wedding photography 180.jpg

2.     HAVE A PLAN

When you are in the planning stages of your wedding it’s always a good idea to plan for what you are going to do if it rains.  There are so many little things to consider when your planning a wedding and it’s an easy detail to overlook, but if you take a little time out to plan for rain then you won’t have to think about any alternative details right before your wedding. There’s no right or wrong answer, as long as you know what you will do before it happens!

When I photograph your I will always guide you with a variety of options, from subtly lit portraits inside using window light, through to incorporating umbrellas and even just going with it and photographing in the rain! 

fitzroy wedding.jpg


Some things to consider during your planning will be your ceremony location, and reception options. Decide on what will happen it it’s wet in advance. If you're planning an outdoor ceremony will you move it inside or go with it? What will your guests do? If you want to move it, where will you move it to?  The same goes for your reception- there’s no right or wrong answer, whether you decide to put in place “plan B” or just go with it and embrace it, as long as you are prepared!

If you do decide on putting in place a “plan B” knowing in advance what your options are and talking this through with your vendors will is always an awesome idea- which brings me to my next point….

rainy day wedding options.jpg


Talk to me! I will always have a plan for what we can do for your portrait session in rainy weather- it’s your day, so what ever you’re comfortable with goes- from photographing beautiful moody portraits inside, to photographing under cover or incorporating umbrellas, to getting all wild and crazy and running through it all, dodging puddles- I’m up for it all! And I'll keep checking in with you so we can get the most memorable and beautiful images that reflect your day.

lauren and ross bonavita photography 063.jpg


This is my most important tip! Just have fun and embrace the moment!  Allow your vendors to guide you, be open and flexible and above all relish the day for what it is- your wedding day! Woohoo!!!

I'd love to hear from you if you have any thoughts or questions

xx Dee

wet weather options wedding.jpg

Lauren and Ross' laid back Fitzroy Wedding

Lauren and Ross' laid back Fitzroy Wedding

Every good wedding has a good story and Lauren and Ross’ local rainy Fitzroy wedding is no exception. Back at the start of December Melbourne was forecast to receive a ‘once in a generation’ rain event over the weekend of Lauren and Ross’ wedding.

Now it takes a lot to get me worried about a bit of rain- but this was going to be more than just a bit. So, the day before their wedding I headed into Fitzroy to scout a definite Plan B- which was definitely put into place!! 

Lauren and Ross are Fitzroy locals, and planned their entire wedding just streets away from their unit. When I approached the local businesses in the area and explained the situation they were more than happy to help out a couple of locals on their wedding day.  We even to got take some photos inside Lauren and Ross’ favourite coffee hang out, Bon Ap- which made their photos even more special to them!

Other business (Zetta Florence, Brusnswick St) let us photograph in their spaces with just a day’s notice- talk about community spirit!

The rain was torrential throughout the day but it didn’t stop these two from laughing their way through the day, ducking and weaving through the rain between photo locations. It was wet and crazy and fun and Lauren and Ross wouldn't have had it any other way! 

Lauren and Ross' wedding has left such a mark on me.  I smile every time I think of them both. So much joy, so much love, so much gratitude.


Ceremony and reception- St Andrews Conservatory

Locations- Bon Ap, Zetta Florence

Celebrant- Julie Byrne

Florist- Thrive Flowers

Hair- Dana Leviston 

Makeup- The Distinctive Dame  

Gown- Lace top from BHLDN  and skirt made by dressmaker Linda Doble



Kate and Damien's sweet engagement session


kate and damien's sweet engagement session

With their gorgeous doggies in tow

Sweet. Loved up. All the good stuff. This is Kate and Damien with the beautiful little doggies Maggie and Angus at my local beach in Seaford, just last night. Oh, and happy Valentine's Day to all the lovers today!



Michelle and Kav's Gum Gully Farm Wedding

Michelle and Kav's Gum Gully Farm Wedding


These two were lucky enough to have two wedding ceremonies.If you want to have a look at their first day you can view it here.

This is day two of Michelle and Kav's ceremonies, at the lovely Gum Gully Farm in Silvan, east of Melbourne. The love these two have for each other is so, so evident. The way Michelle looked at Kav was so very beautiful to witness. Here is their story

x Dee 

2017 Year in Review

2017 Year in Review

I've been sitting for an hour, not even sure where to start with this one, 2017 has been epic, both personally and professionally. If someone had told me a year ago all the things that were going to happen during the following 12 months I probably would have scoffed in their face at the thought of it all. I want to write about ten thousand fleeting little moments, and  how they have all touched me personally as well as shaped my business.   

Here though, are the big things that I keep coming back to. 


Boom. Imagine what we could achieve if we weren't afraid of failing? What if we leaned into all those moments that are hard and make us feel uneasy? Don't get me wrong- fear is normal, it's proof that we are human and of our innate vulnerability. It's what we do with it that makes all the difference. I've seen in my own life over the last couple of years that every time I've been pushed way beyond my own limits of comfort, if I can just lean into it and embrace it only good has come from it all. Take risks. Fail. Just do it. Really. I mean this so very, very much. PS- I'm now also working on Bonavita full time- woohoo!! 


When we act from a position of authenticity I really believe that everything else just falls into place. We all feel joy, and love, and elation, and loss and uncertainty and pain. When we recognise that all our stories are both unique to us as well as part of a collective much larger than ourselves connection becomes much more innate. Connection and authenticity forms the basis of how I run Bonavita as well as live my own life. I'm in this with all my heart. 


If witnessing so many beautiful days full of happy tears, whole belly laughs and families coming together in celebration weren't proof of this enough, one little word "YES" topped it all off! This is still sinking in to be honest, that my family and my friends can now legally share their love with the world! The vote was hard, but the outcome so very very beautiful. A public display of support for all my fellow LGBTQIA+ friends. Thank you Australia, because love really is love. 

What will 2018 hold? I can't tell you as it's yet to be written- what I can tell you through is that I'm SO SO excited for the next 12 months and all that lies ahead. Bring it on!!